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Playgrounds are the spaces where children are let to be free because playing is an important part of childhood. A healthy brain needs some social time so as to develop in the right way. This social time however creates friendships and a unity spirit that may last. A playground, therefore, has to be a safe play area for the children. Initially, schools and commercial parks used surfacing materials like sand and gravel.  These were hard surfaces because they did not protect the children from falling leading to serious injuries. And for this reason, it was recommended that there be the use of Playground Safety Surfacing.

With improved technology, there are plenty of safety surfaces options in the market. It may not be easy to pick one since they all are agreeably durable and safe. There are factors that will assist you in choosing the best option for your playground surface.

Lakeland Safety Surfacing-Playground Safety Surfacing

Falling or slipping while playing is unavoidable and can’t be controlled. Children are free spirited hence an injury that has been caused by a fall may discourage them from playing. A safe surface is therefore the best option for your playgrounds. During the installation process, the maximum height of the equipment is less compared to the fall height protection of the surface. Lakeland Safety Surfacing meets the set standards of installing the safe playground surfaces. Do not compromise this feature when looking for a playground surface option that will suit you.

This is another vital feature when looking for a safety surface for your playground. To whom and how accessible is the surface? Playground Safety Surfacing not only needs to be aesthetically pleasing but also accessible to those with disability of movement. This is a necessity by the law and has to be reached. The material that you will use on the playground surface has to ensure that there is free and easy movement for all.

Children are mostly not careful with how they handle foodstuff, drinks, or even their toys.  They literally create a mess. Due to messy materials on the playground surface, some may rot hence causing infections or allergies to children. This is not safe especially in playgrounds with zero maintenance care. Lakeland Safety Surfacing experts will install surfaces that will be easy to maintain, clean, and keep the playground sanitized. For a safe playground surface, opt for rubber since it is exceptional in mess prone areas and places with children’s activities. The benefits have to exceed the initial cost.

Playground surfaces are prone to high-foot traffic which will then make the surface lose its friction grip. This however will result in unnecessary falls. A reliable playground surface has to withstand the traffic no matter the weather condition.  While choosing a safety surface for your playground, go for one that can sustain the children's safety. It also has to reduce the risk of friction. And for this reason, poured-in-place rubber is the best option for both wet and dry areas.

Playground safety is not something you can ignore. After all, it’s the kids who are at risk if the playgrounds are not safe. And the biggest risk is hard ground on which the kids play and fall over. However, with playground safety surfacing, you can reduce this risk to a minimum.

It’s because playground safety surfacing is the process wherein a layer of material is installed over the existing hard surface. This material acts as an effective shock absorber and is soft to walk, play or even fall over. It’s the reason many playgrounds across the country are covered with safety surfacing materials.

Lakeland Safety Surfacing is a full-service safety surfacing company that can help install safety surfacing materials on the playground. Whether it’s a public, school, or early age playground, we can help you with almost everything. Contact our professionals and book the services now.

Playground surfacing materials

Not every material is suitable for installing on the playground. There are certain characteristics such as thickness, shock absorption, elasticity, softness, cost, environment friendly, which you need to consider before making a choice. Here are some effective materials you can choose from. 

Lakeland Safety Surfacing-Poured-In-Place Rubber
Lakeland Safety Surfacing-Bonded Rubber Mulch

Why choose Lakeland Safety Surfacing

When you want perfect results, you need to hire an expert playground surfacing expert like us. It’s because safety surfacing requires perfection, experience, and skills. And if you hire someone who’s new to the industry, you might risk your kids’ safety. Our company has dealt with several complex playground protection surfacing projects in the past successfully. We know what it requires to perfectly install a material that stays there for long and offers decent protection too. Our services are both affordable and effective. So, you can trust us.

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